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I was born Teresa Marie in East Los Angeles, California. My friends call me Teri. I remember wanting to be a teacher as early as 3rd grade. I was one of those kids who stayed after school to help my teacher whenever I could doing whatever I could. I have always loved drawing and as early as 5th grade began selling my work. As an early collegiate I majored in English because of my love for reading and writing but kept taking art classes to keep my GPA up. In the end I had enough art credits to graduate as an art major but not enough credits to be an English major so it was suggested I major in Art.

I came to Madison in 1990 and got stuck here. It took me nearly 7 years to get my teacher's credential at the UW in between having children and traveling. The best thing about living in Madison is having all the comforts of big city living with the safety and beauty of a small town. Wisconsin was a wonderful place to raise my children. As much as I enjoy the mid-west, I can't wait to get back to the West Coast.

For five years I was a stay-at-home mom. Being a mother is an amazing calling for some; for me, it is hard work and did not feel all that rewarding. Joining the work world in my early thirties was a way for me to get away from the drama of toddlers and potty training. For many years it took me away from the trauma of teens and a lot of dirty laundry at home. Now I'm on my own and work is all I've got going on most of the time.

I am currently teaching art at Madison Memorial High School with four other amazingly talented art teachers. I love my job. In my spare time I try to be creative. I take a lot of pictures and I paint. I have challenged myself to write a daily blog. I write about my children, mostly my birth children, but my students too and the challenges I face being a mother, teacher and woman in her fifties, so the blog themes change as I age.

“The views on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions, vision or strategies of the Madison Metropolitan School District.”


art, drawing, painting, reading, writing, teaching, digital & analog photography, travel, walking, mothering and general exploration.