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Balt in Oil, 2015
Balt & Lewy
Tree Print, 2015
Mayan Self Portrait, 2014
The Hamsa, 2014
Wounds to Wisdom, 2014
Illustrated Self Portrait, 2013
TPF show Poster, 2009
Peter on Stripes, 2009
Picasso Cats, 2009
Pretty Peter, 2009
Smiling Xerxes, 2009
Peter on Shapes, 2009
Cats of Istanbul #1
Turkish Coffee, 2009
Erika Woodcut, 2006
Picasso Cats, 2005
Graphic Series; Starbucks
Graphic Series; Fall
Graphic Series; Female
Self Portrait, 2003
Monika in Ink
Erika in Watercolor
Jess in Pencil
The Piano Player
American Mother
Leaf Print
Self Portrait Series: Charcoal
Self Portrait Series; Wood
Self Portrait Seris
Self Portrait Series: Ink 2
Self Portrait Series: Ink
Self Portrait Series
Cats; Intaglio Print
Cats; Lithography
Callalilli Print
Apple Lithography Print
Portrait Sitting; Lithography Print
Copy of the Master: Munch Print
Luther Print
Girl in Pencil