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The Backwaters
Meenakshi Amman Temple
Blessed by Ganesha
Auroville, Township in India
Shore Temple
5 Rathas
Elephant carvings
Indian Ocean
Nandi, Shiva's Bull
 Mysore Palace
 Mysore Palace at night
“Mahishasura Statue”
Tea Fields
On safari!!
Edakal Caves
Edakal Caves, India
Train station gifts...
Morning Assembly
Arabian Sea
Cats of Istanbul #1
View of the Blue Mosque
Kariye Museum
Kariye Museum
Church of Chora
Mahmud II
Roman Aquaduct
Our Apartment
Istiklal Caddesi
Hands of a Godess
BC statue of a cat
Dolmabahce Palace
Turkish Delight
Spice Heaps
Nuts and Chews
Egyptian Bazaar
Turkish Spices
Fruit, Nuts, and Tea
Istanbul University
Hagia Sophia
Cats of Istanbul #433
Old Istanbul
Istanbul by the Sea
Marble Hagia Sophia
Cats of Istanbul Series
Cats of Istanbul Series
Hagia Sophia Interior
Hagia Sophia Lights
Hagia Sophia Colum
Hagia Sophia Exterior