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I love my girls
At the Theater
The Parris Family
Shopping with Linda
2nd Cousins
Grumpy Cat & Monika
California Visit 2013
Road Trip 2011
Las Vegas 2011
With Aunt Linda, 2011
Surfer Girls, 2011
Jessi loves to surf! (2011)
6 Grand-kids and 3 Dogs, 2011
Erika with Sharky, 2011
Jessi on the Boardwalk, 2011
Golden Gate Bridge Vista, 2011
Yosemite Falls, 2011
Teri with Balt, 2011
Welcome to California, 2011
Jessi on the Great Salt Lake
Jessi's first road trip, 2011
Rest Stop in Wyoming
Monika at the Lincoln Monument
Watching dolphins pass by, 2009
Erika and Joe-Joe, 2009
Erika, Jessi & Monika in California
Erika, Jessi & Monika in California (2009)
Erika, Monika & Jessi, 2009
Jessi, Erika & Monika in Hollywood
Monika, Erika & Jessika in CA
Emma, Monika & Jessi at the Beach
Jessi and Grandma Ofelia
Jessi and Erika
Monika and Erika
Jessika Ford, 2009
Monika & Jessika
Ian, Jim, Emma, Teri & Jess
Jessi & Monika 2008
JP, Jessi, Monika and Linda 2008
China Town
shopping on Olvera Street
Los Angeles Union Station 2007
Erika is in make-up heaven
Erika w/ Widget
Aunt Linda, JP and the Ford girls